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Click and Lock Handscraped Hickory Bourbon Laminate Flooring - $2.19/sf

Click and Lock Laminate Floors - Modern Laminate

Click and Lock Hickory Handscraped Bourbon Laminate Flooring


Color: Hickory Bourbon
LaminateType: Hickory
Dimensions: 47.72" × 6.38"
Wear Layer: 12.3mm
Manufacturer: Lawson
Style: Handscraped
Construction Type: Click and Lock
Installation Type: Floated

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Click and Lock Laminate floors are a great solution to both you home’s need to be updated and the need to stay within budget. Laminate has come a long way. We like to call many products now available “Modern Laminate”. The synthetic materials are mimicking real wood products better and better with everyday. Not only does laminate reduce cost per square foot but its click and lock design and thick wear layer saves on installation and maintenance.

10 Benefits of Click and Lock Laminate
Here are some other benefits to well made laminate products Such as the Lawson Flooring Laminate Products which can be found on FactoryHardWoodfloors.com.


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Click and Lock Elegant Oak Laminate Floors

1. Laminate is Chemical Resistant: You can use harsh chemical like acetone to remove difficult stains such as lipstick or even permanent marker.

2. Laminate is Easy to Maintain, just use a damp mop or vacuum.

3. Laminate is Hygienic: Lawson manufactures its laminate with a  smooth surface of melamine that repels dust. This means that dust mites and other allergens microorganisms cannot survive on these floors. If also means that the risk of harboring dangerous chemicals on your floors is reduced.


4. Laminate is Impact resistant: That’s right, go ahead and wear your high heels and don’t flinch when something is dropped. Long term pressure from chairs, cabinets, table legs and furniture also make less of an impact.

5. Laminate is Scratch Resistant: Lawson Laminate floors support traffic. High heels or office chairs with casters are not a problem. (There are special casters for furniture and is recommended to use felt under furniture legs.)

6. Laminate is Wear Resistant: this speaks for itself. Many floors are worn down over time, Modern laminate from Lawson stands to the test and holds its quality.

7. With Laminate, Spills Are no Problem: Unlike carpet and solid hardwood products The stains can be removed easily with a dry cloth.

8. Laminate is Resistant to Burns: A cigarette that falls and remains on the floor for a few seconds will not burn the wood floor or cause discoloration.

9. Laminate is Colorfast: Click and Lock  floating floors from Lawson retain their color for years. The Click and Lock Laminate also does not discolor in the sunlight which makes moving furniture around not a problem, so choose from oak, hickory and mahogany and enjoy their bold colors for many years to come.

10. Click and Lock Laminate is Easy to Install: Install quickly and easily; whether you choose a floating laminate floor installer or do it yourself! Lawson Laminate floating floors are easy to install with professional results. So save time and money. Buy direct and get the designer look you have always wanted

The click and lock laminate from Lawson comes in Oak, Mahogany and Hickory, the different collections include smooth hardwood, distressed hardwood and handscraped hardwood floors. Our free samples encompass all of these options, so check out our oak, hickory and mahogany in your own home and enjoy the convenience of online shopping.

FactoryHardwoodFloors.com carried all of the products above. You can buy Modern Laminate floors straight from our website. The products are high quality at a low price. If you are unsure about ordering online and like to touch and feel things before you buy them, do it in the comfort of your own home and order 5 free samples to help decide which product works best for you!